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About DSR Line

With all of our experience, we have established ourselves as a significant player in the market by playing an important part both domestically and internationally in the medical sector we have worked in for so long. 

We have carried our investments into new fields and used test tube technologies while advancing these investments in R&D studies. As a result, we created and set up our own production solutions to meet the market's rising demand for test tubes. Now, we want to share this technology with the entire world.

Pipetleme Örnekleri ve Test Tüpü
Organizing Test Tubes

In a 30-year production experience, we put to the test the integrated solutions we developed, such as the assembly line for blood collection tubes, the cap, and the rubber assembly machine. To be able to produce in the easiest and most efficient way possible, we are constantly raising the bar for our technology.

These tubes are used in the IVD in-vitro diagnostic industry and are made to ensure a specific amount of blood draw. To get the best test results, we need this volume along with specific chemicals. The process of making the tube is therefore crucial to your health. We offer you this sensitivity in our tube production lines as a CE and ISO certified manufacturer. In order to be able to produce anywhere in the world, we also take care to adhere to various quality standards.

The primary objective is to automatically produce tubes while using digital indicators during production. By undergoing a meticulous control phase, we aimed to maintain a consistent production quality in high volume productions and to reduce the number of damaged and improperly manufactured products. As a result, DSR Line will be able to sustain DISERA quality over time by maintaining low production costs and minimal raw material usage.

We understand your needs as a vacuum blood collection tube manufacturer, and as a DSR Line user, you can expect the most comprehensive production support.

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